Wheat & Water One Year Anniversary Weekend


Thanks for Welcoming Us to the 'Hood!

One year serving food and drink and making new friends in Bird Rock. A lot has changed over the past year, and the North End of Bird Rock has seen the addition of some great new businesses.

Stay tuned because we're putting the final touches on our new cocktail list. But since we can't wait, so we have special prices to whet your palette for the new menu.

Anniversary Weekend Specials

Available Friday, November 10 & Saturday, November 11 starting at 5pm

Entree & Beer Pairings

Green Flash has hosted "Supper Club" for five years, and Wheat & Water's Chef Christian Fiol and team did a 5-course pairing on October 30th. But don't fret if you missed Supper Club because we'll have two of those entrees paired beer available over our anniversary weekend!

  • Seared Local Tuna Preserved Lemon, sprouted broccoli, pickled fennel, tonnato sauce, tangerine lace. Suggested pairing: Cellar 3 Natura Morta with Blood Orange.
  • Grilled Pork Chop Celery root polenta, cilantro pesto, caramelized grilled peach, crispy prosciutto. Suggested pairing: Natura Morta with Peach.

Green Flash, Alpine & Cellar 3 Tap Takeover

  • Green Flash Spanish Trampoline IPA Limited release loaded with hops including Cashmere, Idaho 7, Comet, Tahoma, Columbus & Nugget. 6.6%
  • Green Flash Imperial IPA The classic double IPA featuring Summit & Nugget hops. 9.0%
  • Alpine Duet IPA The flagship IPA with Simcoe & Amarillo. 7.0%
  • Alpine Windows Up IPA Extra dank & resinous with Citra & Mosaic. 7.0%
  • Alpine Pure Hoppiness Double IPA Special Winter Release of a West Coast IPA; CTZ Hops (Columbus, Tomahawk & Zues), Cascade, Centennial & Nugget. 8.0%
  • Cellar 3 Natura Morta with Blood Orange Barrel-aged sour ale. 5.5%
  • Cellar 3 Natura Morta with Peach Barrel-aged sour ale. 5.5%

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Eater.com San Diego Pays Us A Visit

[Wheat & Water's] 1950s era concrete and brick building has been thoroughly remodeled, and now includes a sidewalk patio, garage-style roll-up doors, a large bar and the restaurant's centerpiece, a 56" x 60" California-made Forno Bravo pizza oven set behind glass in the demo kitchen.

Let's Jump to Conclusions About The Most Popular Liquor by State

© Skye Gould/Business Insider

© Skye Gould/Business Insider

You really have to hand it to analysts. An article over at FoodandWine.com outlines some very interesting, very fun, albeit very questionable information. To summarize, "drinking social app BARTENDr analyzed data from 700,000 users across the country to determine the most popular liquor brands by state."

Coming in at #1 in 43 states, it's clear that the most popular spirit in America is whiskey. Jack Daniels is America's favorite whiskey, as well as California's favorite, which must be all the movie stars and rock stars in the Golden State. That could be an expected result, but what's interesting is that Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is actually tied with Jack Daniels as a favorite in 15 states. Also according to this data, Fireball has now superseded Jägermeister as the ready-made shot choice of the American University. (Jäger still ticks in with 3 states.) Lastly, as much as your craft cocktail bartender tells you that a gin cocktail is his favorite, according to this article, no state likes gin.

So in a summary of my assumptions* with all the delicious bourbon coming out of Kentucky, American's favorite whiskey comes from Tennessee (Jack Daniels) or Canada (Fireball). To top that off, Kentucky's favorite whiskey doesn't even come from Bourbon County or Kentucky or even America. It's favorite liquor is... Crown Royal? Crown Royal Canadian Whisky?!

Original article at Food and Wine: Here are the Most Popular Liquors in Every State

* One could also strongly assume that the drinking social app BARTENDr is used primarily by those drinking socially. One could also assume those "social drinking" app users quite probably are enrolled at some university, which is not an accurate sample size of the general public. But in the BARTENDr's United States, drinkers share their drinks with friends in the real world and the digital world.

Some Pappy Fell Off the Back of a Truck

Eli Thompson helps carry a box of Canadian Club Whisky. Eli is the former Atlantic County Sheriff and the younger brother of Atlantic City crime boss Nucky Thompson.

Eli Thompson helps carry a box of Canadian Club Whisky. Eli is the former Atlantic County Sheriff and the younger brother of Atlantic City crime boss Nucky Thompson.

How much is too much for rare whiskey these days? I'm sure you've walked into a bar, spotted whiskies priced over $50 per drink and thought WTF? You aren't alone in that thought however, the quantity of rare whiskies going for $50 or more has increased over the past few years. Last night, I saw Pappy Van Winkle 23yr for $74 for 2oz. That's quite the juiced up price. Limited whiskies like these are difficult for restaurants to procure and down right impossible to find at your local liquor store, so why not charge the price? People pay $1000+ at a club for $40 vodka, why not make almost $1000 per bottle when it costs over $150 retail?

Actually, you can't even get Pappy Van Winkle 23yr retail. It doesn't make it to BevMo shelves as most bottles are spoken for long before they become available. (A quick Google search, populates these results.) So what's your best bet to get a bottle for your home? Maybe you're hoping a bottle or nine "fall off the back of a truck." Well, some did in Franklin County, Kentucky, or as a nine-person organized crime ring indicted on racketeering would have you believe. Yes, along with trafficking the more traditional juice of steroids, the group had barrels of Wild Turkey Whiskey amongst bottles of that juicy Pappy Van Winkle 23yr. How much did someone offer for nine bottles of Pappy? $3000. Only $333 per bottle? That's a steal. That's probably only a 100% mark up. Darn straight, I'd take all nine, too.


Let's get back to Pappy Van Winkle 23yr offered at $74. A whiskey list looks a lot more juicy to whiskey aficionados when those hard to get ones are on it. So maybe it's listed on the menu for $74 in the hope it doesn't sell. Scroll down further on the list for another whiskey from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Perhaps you'll find W.L. Weller Wheated Bourbon. Weller is made from the same wheated sour mash recipe as Pappy. This sour mash is composed of corn and wheat, whereas most bourbons use corn and rye. The wheat makes Weller, and Pappy, more mellow. Weller is delicious when served neat or in a classic cocktail. In fact, that's why the Wheat & Water House Old Fashioned is made with it.

Here's a link to the original article: Buyer offered $3K for 9 stolen Pappy bottles