La Jolla Light's Write Up on Wheat & Water

Wheat and Water owners Ted Cochrane and Doug Ritz (Photo by Ashley Mackin)

Wheat and Water owners Ted Cochrane and Doug Ritz (Photo by Ashley Mackin)

Recently, Ted and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ashley Mackin from the La Jolla Light. Here's a little excerpt from the article:

As the sign hanging above its restaurant at 5737 La Jolla Blvd. suggests, Wheat and Water is finally open. After three years of planning and construction, the pizzeria run by La Jolla native Ted Cochrane and business partner Doug Ritz, began welcoming customers in early November. 
“My vision for the place was always to be a community hub … and we have a menu of pizza and shared plates that reflects the concept of sharing. We wanted a place where people could order a couple things and share everything,” Cochrane said. 
“People ask us why it took so long to open, and that’s because we had an unproven location and we are two young guys with high standards … I had people tell me to just repaint the building and say it’s something new. But people in La Jolla are smart, they aren’t going to be impressed by a place that repainted a building and moved some tables around. We are so proud of what we built because it’s gorgeous. It’s just what we wanted.”

As a follow up, I have to say, this first month has been fantastic. All our work on the building, Chef Colten's menu and our cocktail menu have been well-received. But after a month in, we're not slowing down. We're going to launch our happy hour program over the next couple weeks. (Hint: if you like our Cioppino Mussels, then you are in for a treat.) We'll also be adding some additional smalls dishes, sides, desserts and some of those much needed kid-friendly items. It's an exciting time over at Wheat & Water. We hope to see you out again soon!

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