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Let's Jump to Conclusions About The Most Popular Liquor by State

© Skye Gould/Business Insider

© Skye Gould/Business Insider

You really have to hand it to analysts. An article over at outlines some very interesting, very fun, albeit very questionable information. To summarize, "drinking social app BARTENDr analyzed data from 700,000 users across the country to determine the most popular liquor brands by state."

Coming in at #1 in 43 states, it's clear that the most popular spirit in America is whiskey. Jack Daniels is America's favorite whiskey, as well as California's favorite, which must be all the movie stars and rock stars in the Golden State. That could be an expected result, but what's interesting is that Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is actually tied with Jack Daniels as a favorite in 15 states. Also according to this data, Fireball has now superseded Jägermeister as the ready-made shot choice of the American University. (Jäger still ticks in with 3 states.) Lastly, as much as your craft cocktail bartender tells you that a gin cocktail is his favorite, according to this article, no state likes gin.

So in a summary of my assumptions* with all the delicious bourbon coming out of Kentucky, American's favorite whiskey comes from Tennessee (Jack Daniels) or Canada (Fireball). To top that off, Kentucky's favorite whiskey doesn't even come from Bourbon County or Kentucky or even America. It's favorite liquor is... Crown Royal? Crown Royal Canadian Whisky?!

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* One could also strongly assume that the drinking social app BARTENDr is used primarily by those drinking socially. One could also assume those "social drinking" app users quite probably are enrolled at some university, which is not an accurate sample size of the general public. But in the BARTENDr's United States, drinkers share their drinks with friends in the real world and the digital world.