Pumpkin beer

It's Pumpkin Beer Season & I'll Try One

Photo and carving by Autumn of  Fat Girl Does the World .

Photo and carving by Autumn of Fat Girl Does the World.

It’s September, which aside from summer ending in three weeks (!!), we realize that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. This means that pumpkin beer has started to appear on shelves, except that apparently, it started appearing on shelves at the beginning of August. Isn’t August still part of summer? The time for fizzy yellow beers and wheat beers?

Or of course, IPAs because much like San Diego, America has morphed into a country of hopheads, and IPAs clearly are the most popular of the craft beer styles. According to this article, certain seasonal beers can temporarily take over the top spot, and whereas August may seem like it’s too early for pumpkin beer, late-November is too late. The craft beer business is still a business, and it’s better to sell out of limited run than to have boxes of it sitting around.

In the past, I rarely was able to capitalize on the seasonal beer craze, primarily because every restaurant in town is battling for kegs and bottles. Plus, I’ve always had this horrible method of judging a beer on the seconds test. (For example, I could think, “my, that was a nice sour ale, but do I want another? No. I do not want seconds.”) Pumpkin beers just didn’t pass the seconds test. On the other hand, you could be one that loves it, and just like barleywine fans or people who don’t like to taste anything for the rest of the day (triple-IPA drinkers), you can’t get enough of the golden gourd. That increases the demand for production, and the craft breweries, which tend to have smaller brewing systems, need to begin production earlier in the year.

And what about the leftovers? Cellaring bottles isn’t just for wine-lovers anymore, as saving bottles from a limited run beer has become more popular.* Pumpkin beer fans can stock up and to enjoy them all the way through next July. Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about me having more than one.

*I’ll talk more about cellaring beer in the near future.