Since we strive to bring you local ingredients, our menu will change seasonally. We allow subtractions from menu items, but no substitutions or additions.

Shared Plates & Starters

We proudly use grass-fed beef, pork & antibiotic-free, vegetarian-diet chicken. Our pickles, preserves, purees, jams & sauces are made in-house w/ fresh ingredients & no unnatural preservatives.

Peas, heirloom tomatoes, pumpkin seed pesto, opal basil. 14

Fried Cauliflower
Lemon turmeric yogurt, cilantro, mint, pickled jalapeño, spiced pepitas, sumac. 12
House-made Grilled Meatballs
San Marzano tomato sauce, Parmesan, grilled house-made sourdough bread. 13

Crispy Brussels Sprouts
White rose potatoes, roasted garlic & chile de árbol vinaigrette, cotija cheese, fine herbs. 12

Kennebec Fries
Clarified butter, house seasoning, truffle ketchup. 10
Charcuterie & Cheese

Our charcuterie & cheese options change frequently. These selections may have changed.

Half Charcuterie Board
Choose two meats & two cheeses; served w/ a variety of fruit, pickled veggies, honey & crostini. 20
Full Charcuterie Board
Choose four meats & four cheeses. 36

Duck Salami
100% duck aged for two months w/ red wine & black peppercorn. Angels Salumi in Carlsbad, California.

Calabrese Salami
Pasture-raised pork w/ cayenne & paprika. All-vegetarian diet & antibiotic-free pigs from family-owned sustainable farms. Olli Salumeria in Oceanside, California.

Hot Sopppressata
Antibiotic-free pork w/ Chile de arbol, paprika & sherry wine. Columbus Craft Meats in Hayward, California.

Nitrate-free, humanely raised pork from Van de Rose Farms w/ fennel, sumac spice & peppercorns. MeatMen Products in San Diego, California.

Soft blue cheese from sheep’s milk. Papillon in Aveyron, France.

Midnight Moon
Firm gouda-like goat cheese. Imported from Holland by Cypress Grove in Humboldt, California.

Saint André
Soft ripened, triple cream from cow’s milk. Saint-André Creamery, Calvados, France.

Humboldt Fog
Ripened goat cheese w/ a central line of edible vegetable ash. Cypress Grove in Humboldt County, California.

Add grilled chicken  5 | Add avocado  3 | Add fish MP

Strawberry & Spinach
Toasted almonds, crispy quinoa & queso fresco in spiced honey vinaigrette. 13

Roasted Beets
Avocado-horseradish mousse, pickled baby fennel, sunflower seeds, arugula, feta cheese & lemon vinaigrette. 14

Baby kale, arugula, pickled cherry tomato, crispy chickpeas, Parmesan & Caesar dressing. 13
Apple & Grape
Artisan mixed greens, arugula, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette. 13

Chopped Salad
Artisan mixed greens, arugula, escarole, cherry tomoatoes, cucumbers, olives, cranberry beans, soppressata salumi, feta cheese, Champagne vinaigrette. 14

House Salad
Artisan mixed greens, cherry tomato, Persian cucumber, shaved carrot w/ lemon vinaigrette. Regular 11 | Half Order 6

Served w/ house salad or our Kennebec fries or Side Salad.

add avocado  2  | fried egg 2 | add bacon 3

W&W Burger
Half-pound ground chuck, white American cheese, carmelized onions, tomato, arugula, roasted garlic aioli on toasted brioche. 15
Sub w/ grilled chicken

Bacon-Onion Jam Burger
Half-pound ground chuck, bacon-onion jam, white American cheese, house-made pickles & roasted garlic aioli on toasted brioche. 15
Sub w/ grilled chicken
Fish Market Sandwich
Ask your server for selection
Cucumber cabbage slaw, pickled fresno chili, Meyer lemon-cilantro aioli, brioche bun. MP

Grilled Cheese
Mozzarella & American cheese on sourdough. 11
Wood-fired Wheat & Water Pizza

We like to keep things simple -- aged dough w/ our blend of imported organic flour, hand-rolled & baked in a white oak-fueled fire stoked to a sizzling 700 degrees.

add a side of our tomato sauce  1 | our house-made buttermilk ranch  1

add two eggs to any pizza  3 | bacon  3 | pepperoni  3 | meatball  3 | sausage 3

San Marzano tomato sauce w/ house-made mozzarella, roasted garlic & fresh basil. 15

Wild Mushroom
Béchamel, mozzarella, green garlic, truffle oil, fine herbs. 18

Ted's Pie
Tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, shaved red onion, jalapeño, fine herbs. 17

The Paesano
Tomato sauce, smoked prosciutto, house-made mozzarella, pepperoncini, fine herbs. 18

Soppressata Salumi
Béchamel sauce w/ mozzarella, Brie, red onion, spiced honey & fried rosemary. 19

Bacon & Brussels Sprouts
Béchamel, mozzarella, Brussels sprout leaves, red onion, Asiago cheese, apple cider glaze. 19

Kitchen Classic
San Marzano tomato sauce w/ mozzarella, pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, caramelized onion, jalapeños, house-made ricotta & fresh herbs. 19

Spicy Italian Sausage
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted fennel, charred rapini, pickled jalapeño. 19

Spinach & Ricotta
Béchamel sauce w/ mozzarella, spinach, roasted garlic, chili flake, lemon zest & Parmesan. 16

Cacio e Pepe
Béchamel sauce w/ mozzarella, asiago, ricotta & Parmesan w/ garlic & pepper. 17

Tomato sauce, spinach, wild mushrooms, sunchokes, roasted garlic, pumpkin seed pesto. 17
...and for the Kids

Cheese Pizza
Our house marinara topped w/ lots of ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese. 13

Pepperoni Pizza
Our ooey-gooey cheese pizza w/ all-natural pepperoni, sliced in secret w/ katanas by our kitchen’s clan of ninjas. 15

Grom Grilled Cheese
Mozzarella & American cheese on sourdough; served w/ our Kennebec fries. 11

Kid's Burger
Ground chuck, American cheese w/ organic ketchup; served w/ our Kennebec fries. 13

Butter Noodles
We discovered the most twirl-able fresh spaghetti; added butter, a dash of salt & a hint of pepper to create the most perfect dish. Then, we lost that recipe, but we think this recipe is better. 10

Kid's Spaghetti
Fresh artisan spaghetti from our friends over at Pasta Espresso in our San Marzano tomato sauce. 11
Add meatballs 5

Our pasta is handmade by our friends at Pasta Espresso.

add grilled chicken  4 | add meatballs 5

Spaghetti Marinara
Fresh artisan pasta w/ our San Marzano tomato sauce, Asiago, Parmesan & fresh herbs. 14
Sausage Spaghetti
Fresh artisan spaghetti, house-made spicy fennel sausage, garlic, peas, grilled zucchini, lemon ricotta . 17

Desserts are available for dine-in only.

Apple & Blackberry Cobbler
Rosemary & vanilla ice cream. 9
Crème Brûlée
Custard topped with hardened caramelized sugar, berries. 9

Since we strive to bring you local ingredients, our menu will change seasonally.
We allow subtractions from menu items, but no substitutions or additions.